Preparing for a long motorcycle ride

I didn’t just find the shirt, I’m a real motorcycle rider. 🙂 Preparation is a big part of travel, whether you’re in a car or on a bike. Here are a few things that you should consider making part of your plans. Very small “jumper packs” have taken the place of jumper cables. Cables can introduce voltage high enough to damage the disabled vehicle. These little packs reduce the chance of damage and you don’t need to knock on doors or ask for help from strangers. The dollar bill is used for scale to show that this is small enough to carry on a bike. This thing can start a pickup truck.

Next is a portable tire compressor. This is a Harley Davidson model for small bike tires. If you have a large SUV, you’ll need a bigger one or a Snickers, you’ll be there a while. 🙂 Last thing is a First Aid Kit. Shown is a small package offered by Harley, it’s your choice. No one likes to think we might need one, but you never know. Have your tires checked for tread wear to make sure you can make it home from your trip. Ride safe and be a courteous driver.

Part 2

Planning for a long trip, Part 2.

If you are traveling by train, you can take a steamer trunk and bring everything you own. A thousand pounds one way or the other matters not to a massive locomotive. A motorcycle is a whole new adventure. You need to check the weather to see what gear and clothing you’ll need. Are you riding a very long way with forecast temperatures ranging from 39 degrees to 107? You’re going to need 3 sets of clothing and gear to deal with those variances. Rain gear should always be standard equipment. This is a great chance to make some important decisions. Pack your worst clothing and underwear. This can be the last time you wear them. Toss out worn clothing after wearing them. This makes room for tee shirts and momentos that you buy along the way. Final note on packing. Take fewer tops than you need, because you will probably be buying stuff along the way. When packing a bag, suitcase or even a car trunk, put the largest items in first. Then the small stuff can be fit in here and there. You’ll find that this way puts more stuff in and leaves more room. Check the weather forecast for each day before you leave and have a great trip because you planned for it.

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  1. Good tips Becky, I use my vacuum sealer to seal my clothes for a long trip, I do hate damp, wet clothes. So when the rains come, at least I know I’ll have dry clothes for the next day.

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