Hi, Becky’s Biker Blog is to help inspire and enable women to ride motorcycles on the open road.

I thought, as crazy as it sounds, doing this might get me out of the house and help me make new friends.

I’ll share with you my own adventures riding motorcycles on the open road and inspire you to reach out and do the things you never thought you could do.

The stories will draw you in and make you feel like you’re right there with me.

My first adventure–Buying a motorcycle. Too many of us think we’re incapable of selecting a bike that will fit us without the able assistance of a man. Pffft!  They’re not going to ride it, YOU are. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s going to be your motorcycle.

Most guys who are critical of your bike don’t even own a bike themselves. They’re all shirt and no bike. 🙂

In my case, the first thing to consider was how much was I willing to spend? I look at some used bikes, found one I thought I could easily afford, then went to step 2.  Could I hold it up?  I found I could flat foot a Harley Fat Boy and hold it up easily.  So, on to step 3. Could I ride it?

I took it for a road test and got back to the dealer with it and I was still alive! Must be a sign from above. I could ride this beast.  🙂

Since that day, I’ve met many women who said they’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle but:  They’re too old, they’re too young, they’re too in-between, they’re husband doesn’t ride.  Listen, if you really think you’re a woman who wants to ride a motorcycle, get involved in reading my exciting story and learn how biking adventures will inspire your soul.

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