Future Bikers

On a long distance road trip, I pull in to a motel and see a family of 4 sitting together in front. Before the mother can even think to react, the little 4-year-old girl is sprinting toward my my bike, her arms outstretched.

Mom has some experience in track and barely caught up to grab her at the last minute. She put her arm around the girl to escort her back to safety. About that time, I asked her if she wanted her picture taken sitting on the bike.

With her eyes as big as dinner plates, she replied in the affirmative. Mom was hesitant and I said the deal is that you lift her up and set her on the bike. There are no real hot spots that can harm her if you do that. Up she went and we started to line up the cameras. Older sister is looking a little forlorn, as older siblings do when the baby gets all the attention. The reflection in the glass shows a proud Mom and Dad capturing this photo for a treasure.

I ask her if she wants to get on. Woohoo, she jumps right on for photo #1. Kids get off and Dad can’t take his eyes off the bike. Dads always get overlooked.

Go ahead and get on, it’s your turn, I told him. He was on in a second for his photo, #2. The last one to feel left out is Mom. I asked if she wanted on and the result is obvious in photo #3.

This completes this issue of “Becky’s Future Bikers”. I’m willing to bet a visit to a dealership is somewhere in their future. They’ve got pictures of inspiration to guide them.

2 thoughts on “Future Bikers

  1. Bless your heart for being such a great ambassador for people who ride bikes. Hope you’re enjoying some cooler weather to ride in these days. Still hot, hot, hot here in Charleston, SC.

  2. I’m a huge motorbike fan, therefore I thought this post about aspiring riders was really thought-provoking. It’s exciting to think about how the motorcycle industry might change over the next several years, especially in light of cultural shifts and technological improvements.

    In my opinion, drawing in new riders’ generations is essential to the endurance and vitality of the motorcycling community. There is a lot of opportunity to increase the accessibility and attraction of motorcycle riding to a larger demographic, whether it be through creative designs, eco-friendly projects, or improved safety measures.

    Thank you for sparking this important conversation about the future of motorcycling. I look forward to seeing where the road ahead leads us!

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