Custer, SD–The Buglin Bull. This is a very nice place, with food offerings that indicate a Chef in the kitchen. I chose a grilled mushroom, stuffed with onion and cheese. Wow is all I can say.  I’ve never had a stuff mushroom presented like this. It was a welcome change from a burger. The parmesan fries were delightful. They have a wide selection of craft beers as well. 

This gets 5 stars from Becky, who was a hungry biker.

Sturgis, SD–The Knuckle Saloon. The place has been around since 1936. The interior decorations will keep you occupied for hours. It’s huge and it was always busy. I saw a number of places in my travels around Sturgis, but none were as busy as the Knuckle. In my very young days, traveling on family vacations, Dad’s advice was solid gold. He said, “never eat at a place that doesn’t have a crowd at meal time. If no one’s there, the food is usually the reason”.  That’s been so very true and the Knuckle always had a crowd.

They had a huge area open to the outside, with a large 2nd floor observation deck for the week of the bike rally.  It’s not in use during normal times.

The bartender who served me was Cree, and she was a lot of fun and did a great job.

I had a burger that was very well prepared. It seemed to be ready in minutes.  My friend Angela got a salad that was also very good.

On a return visit, Cree talked me into getting the steak bits. It was bite sized pieces of sirloin, marinated, then grilled with mushrooms and onions. Wow, it was terrific. Instead of fries, I opted for the broccoli slaw. It was chopped broccoli and slaw flavoring. It was really good and I welcomed some green veggies with my meal.

They also brew their own beer and may I suggest the “knuckle head red”.

NOTE: There is a series of Harley engines called “knuckle heads” due to the shape of the cylinder head. The name has nothing to do with intelligence or behavior. 🙂

This place gets 5 stars from Becky