Finding other women riding motorcycles

If you want to make friends with other women riding motorcycles when out on the road or even at public events, seek out the Facebook page of Open Road Girls <> This is a great website for women only. You can purchase some of the best women’s motorcycle fashion clothing that will identify you to other members in social situations.

The Open Road Girls Facebook page is also a wonderful place to ask questions and participate in discussions with other women riding motorcycles. They also host events to which you can ride and make friends and have great experiences with other women. The site is exclusive to women, so we can discuss topics that are our own.

Malinda is a real pioneer in women’s motorcycle clothing and the promotion of women engaging in conversation on the topic of riding motorcycles. Thank you, Malinda.

3 thoughts on “Finding other women riding motorcycles

    1. Malinda, you have provided the Industry’s foremost discussion format for women who ride motorcycles. I hope everyone seeks out your Facebook page, Open Road Girls. I’ve made many friends through your site and enjoyed some of your events. You are a wonderful asset to the Women’s Biker community. Thanks.

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