Finding other women riding motorcycles

If you want to make friends with other women riding motorcycles when out on the road or even at public events, seek out the Facebook page of Open Road Girls <> This is a great website for women only. You can purchase some of the best women’s motorcycle fashion clothing […]

Become a Biker Chick

Dream and Believe It all starts with a dream. If you want to become a free riding, skilled and confident Biker Chick, you first have to dream that you can. More specifically, you must dream that you have. See yourself through your own eyes on the open road on that […]

Hot Leg on Soft Tail Deluxe

Also called “roast leg of lamb” Burned right inner thigh on Harley Soft tail Deluxe. If you ride this model much, you’ll soon find that your leg gets really hot from the engine. One solution is to put a large piece of leather over the engine to protect your leg. […]

The Friction Zone

I grew up riding little Honda motorcycles all over cities and campgrounds. I understood how to engage the clutch to get the bikes moving off a stop. I also rode a bicycle all over before I could get a driver’s license, so I can turn on 2 wheels with ease. […]