Become a Biker Chick

Dream and Believe

It all starts with a dream. If you want to become a free riding, skilled and confident Biker Chick, you first have to dream that you can. More specifically, you must dream that you have. See yourself through your own eyes on the open road on that bike, feel the wind and the warmth of the sun on your cheeks.

Next, reinforce that image by cutting out photos of bikes or other women on them or with them. Post those photos on your walls or mirror. See them, visualize them and believe them.

I bought my first Harley before I had any business riding it. I worked through it and spent 5 months riding all winter before I had the chance to take the class. Always, always take the class. I said at the beginning that I wanted to ride mine to Sturgis, 550 miles away. I had 10 months to prepare.

Learn to ride a day’s ride. Traveling by motorcycle involves more stops than in a car. Using the Women’s Freedom Ride formula is as follows. Put gas in your bike the night before. Get up at 5:30 or 6am. Get yourself ready, pack your bags and your room. Load your bike and have it ready to roll by 7am. Eat breakfast and it’s KSU (that’s Kickstands Up) at 7:30. Ride about 135 miles or so and stop for gas. It will be 9:30 or so. Take 30 minutes to relieve yourself and drink a bottle of water. Water is important because the wind really dehydrates you.

10am, back on the bike, ride another 135 miles. It is now just before noon and time to fill the bike and have a sitdown lunch. You have ridden 4 hours and covered 270 miles. At 1pm, back on the bike stop at 2:30. Another break and another bottle of water, besides the glass of water you drank at lunch. Ideally, you can cover 400 to 500 miles in a day using this as a basic riding template. More to come later.

4 thoughts on “Become a Biker Chick

  1. Wow Becky, so good to hear from you… great blog post. I’m Elaine AKA Bumble Bee from our Women’s Freedom Ride together. Harley Women riders UNITE!!! LOL I started on a Yamaha MoPed, and gradually worked my way up to a Harley… whatever you ride is a fun way to spend a day or a week.

  2. Great new format!

    Weather has warmed up and you are ready to begin mentoring bikers, again. Love reading all of your helpful training guides, which I as a vehicle driver, now notice and appreciate. You have taught me to be a safer driver around motorcycles. Keep up the great articles, Becky.

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