Sunrise at the Gate

I was asked to be the Head Road Captain for a very large event. Over 160 bikes were expected and it was my job to organize it and lead the ride. The starting point was a State Park. The Park staff knew we were coming. I arrived way early and no one was there, just a locked gate. There were barbed wire fences along either side to keep wild bison off the road. The tame bison were apparently on vacation.

I enjoyed the complete quiet that comes from extensive prairie. I really enjoyed watching the sun come up to greet another day. A half hour goes by and I become a little restless. Finally, another biker arrives. I was hoping it would be Ranger Smith with a key to the gate. He was apparently still in bed or having breakfast.

I visited with my new friend and then a truck arrives. Oh boy, but alas, no Ranger, no key. The other biker suggested we try the gate, but we could see from our vantage point the large padlock assuring us, “none shall pass”. What the heck, let’s look anyway. The padlock was NOT through the latch. It was simply hanging there. We effortlessly slid open the latch and opened the gate for all to enter.

Ranger Smith knew we were coming, he had set us up to win. It was our own doubt that kept us from achieving our goal that day. Some people only see the obstacles that keep them from their goals, others see those same things as a simple inconvenience. It took a little prodding from a friend to help me change sides. Moral of the story: When seeking solutions, always look for the obvious and don’t accept that you can’t.

Don’t let anyone tell you that women can’t ride motorcycles.

One thought on “Sunrise at the Gate

  1. Wonderful sunrise photo… and a lesson in problem solving too…. so how did the ride go. Hope to see pictures of that soon 🙂

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