Riding with my daughter

Daughter and I took off Saturday just before noon on a road trip. We rode west on Interstate 80 in very heavy traffic. This is great practice for group riding.

Many people think group riding is a bunch of bikes riding together, which is what often happens and is the making of accidents and injuries.

Real group riding is more like a choreographed dance or team exercise of precision riding. There are 3 lanes for bikes in each lane, left, center and right. Well duh. It’s important that each rider stay in either the left or right lane in the group. This takes skill and practice.

We also practiced hand signals, left, right, slow down and speed up. We had to safely navigate 2 bikes together to merge with passing traffic to get around Jed Clampett with his rig and trailer.

The passing lane is often a freight train moving too fast and too close together trying to get around slower traffic.

When driving on 4 lane roads, the best way is to find reasonable speed traffic in the right lane and do your best to stay there. It’s far more relaxing and way more safe. Call it Zen driving, but it allows you to enjoy the scenery and reduce tension.

We exit I-80 at Grand Island and drive north to get on to Nebraska Highway 2 headed west. 13 miles later, we arrive in Cairo, who bill themselves as an “Oasis in the Plains”.

We find my favorite stopping place, “The Watering Hole”. This has earned my approval as a Burger Wars “Final Four” quality place to eat. The place was packed and there was only one person working the front and one cook in back. The server in front asked if we were part of a Poker Run, with a pained expression on her face.

We reassured her we were just ordinary bikers seeking great food and some air conditioned relief from the heat. As we watched her try to keep up and more people pouring in the door, we decided to play the role of Flo and help here.

I grabbed an order pad and pen off the counter and filled it out. We got our own napkins and silverware.

Quick note to all readers: If you are having a graduation party, please call your chosen venue ahead of time so they can line up the needed help. Being overwhelmed is no fun for anyone.

We ate, left a generous tip and got on the road home. We eschewed the suicidal traffic and took Highway 92 back home, with light traffic and lovely scenery.

Another great day of friendship, biker bonding and skill development.

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  1. Great pictures and story, I’m glad to see you’re still riding and having fun. I’ve missed your blog posts and you. Take care my friend. Bumblebee here from the Women’s Freedom Ride.

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