What have you got up your sleeve?

I’m riding my little Sportster 883 with a tiny windshield. How small is it? It’s the size of a server plate, not really big enough for a windshield.

So, I’m rolling along about 50 mph and see a wasp heading right for me, from the one o’clock position. He flew diagonally right up my left sleeve. Excuse me, was that a wasp? Can you really spot one from 50 mph?

Well, let me tell you, it sure looked like one and once it was up my sleeve, it was wiggling around and felt like it might sting me. I’m somewhat of a bee expert and a honeybee has no business flying around like that wasp. A wasp will sting you just because it feels like it and it can do it over and over again. When I’m against the wall and it’s “him or me” I have to fight back.

So, I wrapped my hand tight around that sleeve and crushed that little guy to death. I am so sorry about killing an innocent insect. I don’t even kill spiders in my home. I save them. I save ants and other little creatures of God. But they won’t sting the daylights out of me, so I fight to the death.

Well, that didn’t work. I could still feel him wriggling around in my sleeve. You have got to be kidding. This time, I gave him the death grip tight, then I wrung my hand back and forth to be sure the deadly deed was done.

Not so fast, my friend. The critter was still wiggling and I’m certain he was lining up his stinger and was nearing Defcon 5. I quickly turned a corner and brought my iron beast to a quick stop. This means war. I give it the death grip. I rotated my sleeve back and forth. Nothing can withstand my force. Suddenly, it flew out of my sleeve and harmlessly to the heavens.

Darnest thing I’ve ever seen. Neither of us was harmed and both survived to tell the tale of facing down death and living to tell about it.

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