Hot Leg on Soft Tail Deluxe

Also called “roast leg of lamb”

Burned right inner thigh on Harley Soft tail Deluxe. If you ride this model much, you’ll soon find that your leg gets really hot from the engine.

One solution is to put a large piece of leather over the engine to protect your leg. Many say it works.

I just had to have my charging system repaired and overhauled. Mechanics told me that this was often due to overheating. An air cooled engine needs air blowing over it to stay cool. I bought my bike recently and it only has 20,000 miles on it. I have no idea what it has endured, but they said heat damages the charging system.

So, I’m trying the Harley Davidson plastic heat shield. This is spaced out from the engine to allow air flow under it.

Next, I bought and installed the Harley oil dipstick that is also a thermometer for the oil. Research indicated that 200 to 220 degrees is the designed operating temperature for the oil.

Now, I can see if my leg burns and also if my engine is getting too hot.

Just some thoughts for those who want to protect their bikes and lovely legs. 250 degrees is considered overheated and also breaks down the motor oil.

Ride safe and be educated.

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