Women’s Events

Our first announcement for special events for women bikers is the RAD (Ride, Adventure, Dream) event. This will be in Stillwater, Oklahoma June 18 thru 20.

Here is the web page. Scroll down to the bottom to sign up or get more information:

Ride, Adventure, Dream

This is a women’s motorcycle ride event in Stillwater, Oklahoma, June 2020. Celebrate Biker Sisterhood with women bikers. This is an opportunity to develop close bonding relationships with other women. You’ll improve your riding skills dramatically if you ride in a group to the RAD, Ride, Adventure, Dream event. Many women bikers complain of the dangers involved in many group rides. This is because the group leaders are not well skilled in leading a ride. It’s just a bunch of bikes, not a true group motorcycle ride. As you learn to ride together, you’ll develop trust with your sister biker riders. This can be a life changing event in which you develop friendships that last a lifetime. Read the information on the website and sign up to attend.

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