Future Bikers

On a long distance road trip, I pull in to a motel and see a family of 4 sitting together in front. Before the mother can even think to react, the little 4-year-old girl is sprinting toward my my bike, her arms outstretched. Mom has some experience in track and […]

Memorial Day Ride 2022

Part 1      We start from Lincoln, Nebraska in a soaking rain. Being highly experienced riders, we are all decked out in rain gear.      We get up in Interstate 80 headed west at 75 mph. I love this Harley Road Glide, as its one of the few bikes I’ve […]

Riding with my daughter

Daughter and I took off Saturday just before noon on a road trip. We rode west on Interstate 80 in very heavy traffic. This is great practice for group riding. Many people think group riding is a bunch of bikes riding together, which is what often happens and is the […]

5 Corners and a Curve Ride

I am a Harley Davidson Road Captain (RC). Achieving this designation involves a lot of training and demonstrating that you have both riding skills and knowledge of organizing and leading rides. RCs are responsible for coming up with ride destinations and ideas for activities that appeal to motorcycle riders. In […]